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So after a crazy couple of days of Protest the Hero in Ottawa and Amon Amarth and Children of Bodom in Montreal, we're sitll alive, for the most part. So this weeks comic focuses on the love between brothers.

Well planning for the party is going nowhere really since we have to wait till Mark is done with his exams and THEN!!!!...we have to wait till after Christmas...and THEN crazy shite will go down. Enjoy your holiday my little droogies. For now I need to go buy some new underwear. Happy Holidays.

Fear Factory

hey i wonder if Fear Factory ever got that sticker i told the guy to give them...wouldnt it be crazy if the actually went to the website to check out the comic? i think so!
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Whoa LJ Community WTF?

I guess we kinda forgot about it? Well I didn't!

One more thing to update... jeeze. Alright well the comic for Monday is up now, it's a Halloween special, we took a short break away from the current adventure.


If you haven't yet, for more exciting info and whatever, check out the forums on our site and for the love of god! SIGN UP! I was happy to see we got a few more people these past couple weeks. We need to start branching outside of Ottawa I think , so if you know people around the world, spread the good 3GNL word.

Also, preferably monthly, click this link:


That'll help keep our ranks up on thewebcomiclist.com. You can click it here for through the website, we have a little blue icon in the top left corner, above our links, below the logo.

Lastly, halloween pictures of "The Guys" and friends have been posted in the forums, under The Fan Forum, so check those out if you haven't already, you can also show off your own pics and what not, so people can get to know ya better. Honestly, this 'community' should be on our forums, not LJ, but I can't complain :P.

Later G's.